2020 Needs New Vision

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prosperity 2020The Deseret News published an article on Utah’s public-private education partnership, Prosperity 2020 entitled
Prosperity 2020 plan to improve education includes more spending, new revenue

Prosperity 2020’s proposal is to create more revenue. Read my lipstick: more new taxes. Their private investments only went so far, now they need our help.

The business owners supporting Prosperity 2020 are some of the best endowed of Utah. I’m confused as to why these entrepreneurs would want to throw good money after bad. They would never do that with their own private investments.

Utah Private SchoolThe best use of their money could be to invest in scholarships to allow children who might not otherwise afford to attend an excellent private school to be able to do so.

These private/independent schools have been forced to compete with compulsory, government-subsidized schools and with the insurgence of charter schools, the “free” market has been exceptionally harsh to their chances of survival.

To illustrate, health care and private docs are headed for the same disaster with ObamaCare.

However, if they must, in Holladay, Utah some elementary schools have eight or more languages in a g