Questions I’ve Received from Utah State Delegates

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Cherilyn for Natl Delegate flyer

I’m Cherilyn Eagar, candidate for national delegate, #940 on the ballot. Also running for Presidential Elector, #516  (More on what the role of the Presidential Elector is here.)

I’ve received many requests for response and excellent questions. It made sense for me to compile them in one blog post and so here they are. If I’ve missed a question you have, ask it and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Or you can go to my Facebook page Cherilyn Eagar (public figure) because my personal wall  can’t accommodate any more friends.

First, here is a slate I was invited to join a few days ago. It’s an honor to be listed with so many of my good friends that have worked to keep the Establishment out of the Republican Party. It’s called the Non-Establishment Non-Politician Slate. Many have served on the Cruz team for Utah.

Front - TrusTED flyer v 4Back - TrusTED flyer v 4

Election 2016 Background

I was invited to join the Cruz team early on. I regretfully declined because I am the host of a radio show and it was important to scrutinize all candidates for our audience. Because of the in depth research I was doing, I realized that no candidate was perfect, and all were using hyperbole to make their points.  I frequently commented that if I could put the two top contenders in a juicer and throw out the pulp, I’d have my ideal candidate.

Through the radio show, I have been able to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of all candidates. Sometimes the campaign teams of the candidates were angry when I highlighted the weaknesses. But I am well-prepared now, regardless what the scenario that may arise at the national convention.

I’ve studied the candidates financial disclosures which tell a lot about their Establishment connections, and if they have them, their voting records. I have been disheartened by those who have sought to demonize their opponents and at times have been discouraged at the highly-charged personal attacks.  I know where their money is coming from and who is getting Establishment money.

None of the candidates are perfect, but we hope the nominee will be one who will lead this nation forward in treacherous times with wisdom and strength and a commitment to restoring the rule of law that is being ignored – the U.S. Constitution and the republic the framers created within their understanding of the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.

Whoever that is, I would hope would appoint another Justice Antonin Scalia so that his originalist view will not go to the grave he now inhabits, as some progressives have suggested.  That person should have a clear understanding that government is not the giver of the law.  God is the author of our Liberty.  We need a leader that will call upon God to guide and direct the decisions.

A Constitutional Crisis

By January, I became the Communications Director for a family that lost their father when he was murdered in the Oregon ambush by the FBI, which is now under criminal investigation for misconduct in that wrongful death. This has been a huge undertaking and has put my view of Liberty in another realm, literally. You can get a glimpse of the massive coverage we gave this event on the radio show blog site or on the Facebook page

I have become acquainted first-hand with how grossly the Constitution is being violated by unelected bureaucrats – even tyrants – and have been alarmed at how conservatives are being targeted, not just the IRS target of 501 c 4’s but targeting of Patriots and those ranchers standing up for their Constitutional right to own and manage and control their land.  Many are now in solitary confinement – before they have even been tried or convicted!  This will shock your conscience – a video I asked the eldest daughter of this rancher who gave his life:

Although this jarring experience has overwhelmed this presidential election cycle for me, we must know that turning our hearts back to God who is the author of our Liberty is what is needed more than anything. Where the Lord is, there is Liberty. They are inseparable.

And so, the presidential elections and all the infighting have been eclipsed by the need to help a good family – whose father was a hero for us all – through this ordeal.  As I have dealt with the national press corps to get the truth out amid controlled media lies, I have been encouraged to see more good people rising up and joining the cause of Liberty all across this nation. There is hope!

Preserving Liberty and Reclaiming the Constitution is my passion.

I will be launching a new monthly gathering in the Salt Lake City area that will be broadcast online beginning in May. We hope you will want to be part of this new educational experience. It is my sincere belief from experience that the Constitution will NOT be saved in Washington DC. It will be saved right here at home – beginning with you and me.  If you’d like to become part of this new experience, sign up here.

The News Conference with Ted Cruz

Meanwhile, we do need to elect wise and honorable men and women to step up to the plate to defend these principles.  So now the convention is upon us, and it’s time to focus on who will lead us through this constitutional crisis. I had the marvelous opportunity to be part of the press corps that was in a private news conference with presidential candidate Ted Cruz when he was in Utah recently. I was able to ask the last question of the conference, and Senator Cruz said it was one of the most important questions of the campaign season – that of the Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.  He knew it well and based on that document citation, he pledged to return the public land to us and to get the BLM off our ranchers’ homesteaded and titled property that this unelected bureaucracy has stolen over the years!

If elected, I will hold him to that promise.

Your Questions

An overall question that I’ve received is “What do you mean when you say “Establishment?”  Great question. The best answer I can give is found in the writings of Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Horatio Spafford, March 17, 1814.  The establishment has been around a very long time, indeed:

I join in your reprobation of our merchants, priests and lawyers for their adherence to England & monarchy in preference to their own country and it’s constitution. but merchants have no country. the mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains. in every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. he is always in alliance with the Despot abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own. it is easier to acquire wealth and power by this combination than by deserving them: and to effect this they have perverted the purest religion ever preached to man, into mystery & jargon unintelligible to all mankind & therefore the safer engine for their purposes. with the lawyers it is a new thing. they have in the mother country been generally the firmest supporters of the free principles of their constitution. but there too they have changed. 

1. Would you consider Trump if all else fails?

Yes. At this point, the vast majority of delegates support Cruz and Trump. It would be a disaster to allow Establishment Kingmakers such as Karl Rove to work their back room deals to give us a candidate that will turn so many away from the Republican Party. I recommend every delegate read Phyllis Schlafly’s A Choice Not An Echo before the national convention.

We need cool heads and rational thinking in moments of crisis. That’s what my parents taught me growing up – my mom was a nurse and my dad a doctor. I worked in his office and learned how to stay cool when emergency, crisis or emotion was running high. The Spirit of the Lord cannot communicate through anger and fighting.

2. Would you take money from a SuperPAC?

No, because that would be illegal. SuperPACs are prohibited from having any direct connection to a campaign or candidate and must work separately from them. In the campaigns I’ve been involved in, I’ve raised money primarily from grassroots. I have worked hard to keep the Establishment from taking over this Party by opposing SB 54 and the Count My Vote initiative, which was funded and managed by Utah’s elite Establishment.

Here is a great resource for tracking the funds politicians receive.

3. When would you consider a Kasich/Rubio ticket?
I would not support Marco Rubio unless it was the last resort, as well as with Jeb Bush.  Senator Rubio is a brilliant speaker and debater, but he was with the Gang of 8 on the immigration deal with President Obama.  I checked him off my list when he told Rand Paul that he was “an isolationist.” That told me that he is an Establishment globalist. I am very concerned that the Establishment has sold this nation out sending our jobs overseas and making unfair trade deals with countries like China that are dumping on us and harming domestic production.

Here is a quote from Thomas Jefferson on this very subject:

“I join in your reprobation of our merchants, priests and lawyers for their adherence to England & monarchy in preference to their own country and it’s constitution. but merchants have no country. the mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains. in every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. he is always in alliance with the Despot abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own. it is easier to acquire wealth and power by this combination than by deserving them: and to effect this they have perverted the purest religion ever preached to man, into mystery & jargon unintelligible to all mankind & therefore the safer engine for their purposes. with the lawyers it is a new thing. they have in the mother country been generally the firmest supporters of the free principles of their constitution. but there too they have changed.”

4. Would you consider a throw-in candidate without being backed by a Cruz endorsement?

I hope we avoid a brokered convention because that will invite Karl Rove to manipulate the outcome. Again.  With the information I have at this time, I don’t believe that would be a wise move on Cruz’s part. But it is difficult to predict. That depends on who that candidate might be. If it’s Jeb Bush, I would find that an impossibility. He is as Establishment as they come.

At this point, it’s conjecture. The important factor is to be prayerful and to have studied the candidates as well as possible before arriving at the convention. I’ve had to do a tremendous amount of research on all the candidates because of the radio show I produce and host, The Liberty Lineup Radio Show, KTKK radio, AM 630, M-F, 10-Noon Mountain Time or online or download app – k talk. #Stand4Truth. Call in 801-254-5855. Join our #LibertyRising movement and support our show LIKE us and SHARE!

5. Who did you vote for in the primaries? (Trump, Cruz, Kasich)

We haven’t had a primary yet, but in the caucus preference vote, I supported Cruz.

6. What do you think about building the wall?

We need to build the wall. Trump got the support of the Border Patrol for a reason. When I ran for Senate I was the only candidate that received a 100% rating from Numbers USA. Here’s the website where you can find a lot of facts:

7. What do you think of Governor Herbert’s job so far?

I think the same thing that illustrated with its annual legislative scorecards: He has failed to represent the Republican principles upon which he ran, and he needs to be replaced. I say that regretfully because I know him and he is a good man.

I have paid close attention to our legislators’ voting records. When we elect them, they tell us they’re conservative and promise not to grow government. However, according to, the scorecard measuring limited government, the Utah House average is only 36% and the Senate 53%. Even though only 16.5% are Democrats, Republicans are passing Democrat-sponsored bills 53% of the time. Governor Herbert tells us he is for limited government and local control in education, yet his policies defy that claim from Medicaid expansion to common core, to illegal immigration sanctuary policies. His score is a miserable 24% (lifetime 47%). It’s time for a change.

8. Are you an elected government official?


9. Are you pledged to any candidate?

All national delegates from Utah are pledged to Ted Cruz in the first round because the majority of Utah voted for him. We are bound to support him on the first round, and then we are “free agents.” However, I am pledged to vote for him until he releases his delegates.

10. Why do you want to be a National Delegate?

I want to be a national delegate because I’m concerned for the future of this nation and my children and grandchildren and their Liberty.

First, I want to make sure the person we elect will be the most trustworthy to follow through on campaign promises, including appointing an originalist judge to the Supreme Court to replace Antonin Scalia. I also want to be an eyewitness.

Second, not many have been talking about this point, but the platform will be reshaped during the convention according to what the presidential nominee wants, and I would like to be part of that process.  I plan to put my name into consideration for the Platform Committee.  I have actually been inside the Platform Committee room of previous conventions.  It’s intense.  I’ve even seen the committee doors locked so people cannot leave just to get the votes needed to keep the Pro-Life plank in the platform.

Karl Rove is determined to get rid of those distinguishing planks. It is THAT important. The platform establishes what we believe.  Sadly too many people don’t regard it. If we don’t have a good platform, we don’t have a standard by which to hold our elected officials accountable.

Although I’ve attended national conventions throughout my life (and even performed in one with my husband and five children in Dallas), I have never served as a national delegate before.

11. Have you gone to a National Convention before?

Yes, several times since the Goldwater race in 1964 as a young girl (Goldwater Girl!).  It has been extremely important to watch how things work, but as above, never as an elected national delegate. I’ve only run once and almost made it.

12. Are you involved in Politics, such as being a City Councilman, etc?

No, I’m not elected to public office. I think it’s best to let the grassroots – the people – be in these positions because elected officials get too much power.  I do not believe an elected official should take the place of the grassroots as a national delegate.

13. Why do you want to be a presidential elector?

I wrote a blog piece on this topic here I hope that answers the question. In brief, the original electoral college was far different from what it is today, and as a result – along with other perversions to the U.S. Constitution – government is not held in check and balance.

14. Have you been a presidential delegate in the past?


15) What is your political background? (For example, are you a city councilman or a lobbyist)

I have done a lot of volunteer advocacy from the local School Board to the United Nations for the past five decades. My life experience will be needed at this convention. You can read more details on my About page.

16. Would you please tell me your top 3 picks for Republican nominee on the Second ballot and beyond in order of preference at the Republican National convention?

Cruz. Cruz. Cruz.

17. Assume it can be anyone in the race or not running if the opportunity comes up.

I would support a candidate that is the most constitutionally conservative, one who is not in the grip of the Establishment, but I would work hard to avoid a third “dark horse” candidate, because that will disenfranchise so many Americans that we could end up throwing it to the Democrats.

A Set of Questions Every National Delegate Candidate (and Presidential and State Level Candidate) Ought to Be Asked – and Willing to Answer (from a well-informed state delegate)

1. Please list in order your preference for President and who you would most likely vote for in 2nd round.  

CRUZ until he releases his delegates

2. What do you think of the Council on Foreign Relations?  

I don’t think much of it, but it’s critical to review and understand what its members are thinking and doing.  I have subscribed to its publication Foreign Affairs for a number of years.  I have read the articles submitted by liberal Democrats and Republicans alike.  The CFR is “Establishment Central.” It is  one of the problems we are fighting in the Republican Party and in this nation and world.  The concept of globalization requires that a capitalist society relinquish its free market to the unfair practices of trading with socialist (subsidized) nations.  It’s impossible to do, unless the capitalist nation also begins subsidizing. This is a socialist policy governed by oligarchs and a plutocracy of unelected bureaucrats.

3.  Is the CFR’s agenda compatible with the Constitution?  

No.  The CFR’s stated goal is to continue to chip away at national sovereignty through trade regulations and to put the U.N. in a superior position to the U.S. Constitution. It is already doing so.  Recently in the police report of the death of the Arizona rancher shot and killed in the Oregon FBI-directed ambush (now under criminal investigation for misconduct), a police officer described why they decided to move the location of the ambush from one county to another.  “It was a UN-free zone.”  The FBI and state police could not set up that military-style deadman’s blockade in a county that had passed a “UN-Free Zone” ordinance!   

4.  Does your # 1 candidate belong to this organization?  

My #1 candidate is not running. 

5. What do you think about Agenda 21?  

Ditto CFR.  I am the communications director for the LaVoy Finicum family and am working to get the political prisoners released from jail.  They are being held there unconstitutionally in violation of several amendment to the Bill of Rights – Amendment 1, 2, 5, 6, and 8 to name a few.  

Agenda 21 is a policy that originated in the United Nations at the Rio Summit in 1992, and President George Bush I signed it.  As a result, private property is being confiscated through those policies.  Rural counties are being gutted and decimated while transit to consolidate population in urban areas and to build more high rises are promoted.  

Ranchers are fighting for their constitutional rights.  The Western States have been hit hard with 70 to 84% of the land owned, managed or controlled by the Federal government.  Utah just passed a terrible bill – HB 276 – that will establish another unelected bureaucracy on the state level that mimics the BLM – called the DLM.  It removes more authority from the sheriffs.  You can also see some of my comments on and our FB page  You must listen to my radio show!  

6. Are you in favor of Common Core?

NO.  I have been on the national front lines fighting progressive ed for over 30 years, a national speaker on the predecessor of Common Core – Outcome Based Ed and I exposed it in Utah in 1994.  I have written profusely on my blog site about these issues.  

I was the co author of the first state Family Education Rights and Privacy Act to protect parents from invasive sharing of private student information.  And I have been working with the Utahns Against Common Core for several years, helping raise money.  I organized and spoke to the resolution on the floor of the convention that passed calling on the party, the legislature and the Governor to oppose it.  

7. Should Obamacare be repealed?

YES!  I am the Utah Coordinator for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the organization that exposed and defeated Hillary Care.  I have testified several times at the Utah legislature opposing Gov. Herbert’s attempts to expand Medicaid.  Senator Cruz is one candidate that has pledged to REPEAL that law.  

8. Are you in favor of or opposed to Monsanto?  

Opposed.  This is a matter of individual liberty.  When a corporation forces a food supply on people that is harmful to them, they ought to be in  

9. Do you think it’s  best to give up freedoms in  the name of security?

NO!  The founders didn’t think so either.  We should not be nation building and making the world angry with us in return – that creates a security risk.  In fact, the ranchers that are in prison for the Oregon occupation stood on constitutional principles that are sited in the Department of Homeland Security terrorist list, which is why the Hammond family was sentenced to a second term in prison for the same crime (double jeopardy).  The Patriot Act should not turn it’s “guns” on its own citizens.  

10. What are your thoughts on the United Nations?  

“GET US OUT!”  Many years ago, I recall seeing these billboards along the highway, but I didn’t understand why.  But over the course of my life, I’ve been at the U.N. several times and have been inside the negotiating rooms to see what really happens.  

I’ve invited every member of our legislature to go with me – none has accepted.  If an elected official does not know what’s happening on the broader scale, they cannot possibly know what’s happening locally. They are incompetent, and they should be removed from office.  

11. Are you in favor of a North American Union? (merging the United States, Mexico, and  Canada?)

NO!  I have been fighting it since 1994 when I worked with Tom Draschil for Congress in the 3rd district.  I was on Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaigns all three times and watched him get booted from the Party by the establishment for being so outspoken against “free trade.”

I have fought NAFTA and GATT and MFNS with China since the early 1990s.  To his credit, Donald Trump’s strong stances on these issues are correct and why the Establishment is most fearful of him.  Senator Cruz has not spoken on these issues to my knowledge, but he says he is the constitutional expert and so I believe he would be on the correct side of this issue.

If you have any more questions, please email them to me at

Next:  What to Expect on the Floor of the Utah State Convention.  A crash course in Roberts Rules.

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Tweet Share on Tumblr I’m Cherilyn Eagar, candidate for national delegate, #940 on the ballot. Also running for Presidential Elector, #516  (More on what the role of the Presidential Elector is here.) I’ve received many requests for response and excellent questions. It made sense for me to compile them in one blog post and so […]

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Why I’m Running for National Delegate in 2016

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Cherilyn for Natl Delegate flyerHello Great GOP Utah State Delegates!

A couple of points I’d like to bring to your attention. If you need the list of candidates and how to reach them, you can get it here.

Being a national delegate is not just about who you support for president. The platform is as important, and you must be aware of the candidates and who you should support and not support.


If you have the National Delegate Candidate list, pay attention to the check marks in the columns, “disclosure” and “pledge.”

I submitted BOTH documents within the deadline and signed them.



(Thankfully he is fully in support of the GOP Platform on the moral planks.)

Those two documents are very important changes we made to the rules because SB 54, sponsored by Senator Curt Bramble, will destroy the caucus and allows candidates to run in a primary that are not scrutinized by delegates and may not even be supportive of the Republican platform.

If there are candidates that went the signature path, they don’t really care to meet you or get your support – they are already on the ballot.



The Utah caucus system is under attack by the progressive lobbyists in DC. Caplin & Drysdale sent to all the SCC members (to which I have been elected for three terms) the original legal brief. It outlined how the caucus system was unconstitutional and how they would defeat it. SB 54 was promoted as a compromise to “save” the caucus. This was a LIE. SB 54 is the same as that brief.


This is a national attack to continue to turn our nation into a direct democracy rather than the original intent – a representative republic. The Constitutionalists on the SCC have fought a long three year battle and for those of us who have been among the core group most involved, exhausting.

Candidates that went the “signature route” don’t need your support. They will simply go straight to the primary. This is WRONG. We are continuing to fight to restore the constitutional caucus.

So if a national delegate (or ANY candidate) does not have a check mark in the DISCLOSURE column, you should NOT vote for that candidate. They have NOT agreed to support the platform.


I want to be elected national delegate because we need to elect good and wise men and women who love the U.S. Constitution in the tradition of the framers. Most important, the GOP platform is once again going to be under serious attack, especially on the moral issues. We must elect delegates that will work hard to preserve this platform.

I raised nearly $100,000 in 2013 to defend Utah’s law protecting marriage between a man and a woman. It was grueling work because I did not take any Establishment money. Truth be told, they would not give to this cause. They sit in high places, and you would be astonished at the names. A few of them are running for National Delegate, and I know WHO’s WHO in the Utah Establishment as a result of this fundraising experience.

I submitted amicus briefs to the 4th and 10th circuit courts as well as the US Supreme Court to defend the need of every child to have both a mom and a dad, with the help of my good friend, attorney Frank Mylar. The marriage and Pro-Life planks must stay strong!

If a national delegate candidate does not have a check mark in the PLEDGE column, you should NOT vote for that candidate. A national delegate is PLEDGED to vote for the candidate that wins the presidential preference vote.


No candidate is perfect. There are weaknesses in all of them. I like Trump’s anti-globalist, pro-national sovereignty view. That is his greatest strength and what the Establishment fears most.

I like Cruz’s moral foundation and his understanding of the Constitution, and that is his greatest strength and what the Establishment fears most.

I am pledged to CRUZ and I support him until he releases his delegates. I have not allowed myself to get caught up in all the emotion and attacks coming from all sides. I have brought forward these points on my radio show. I believe it’s important to keep calm and to think clearly under pressure. The Lord is in charge and all is for a purpose.


We are in a constitutional crisis and the tug of war between originalist constitutionalists and living constitutionalists is getting more fierce with each election cycle.

In general, I am committed to the candidate/s that understand the U.S. Constitution in the tradition of the framers – which is called “original intent” and which was best represented by ANTONIN SCALIA. His death was a great loss, and many say that “originalism” went to the grave with him. As long as I’m able, I will work to keep originalism alive.

Who will replace Scalia is the single most important role of a president. We must support the candidate/s that subscribe to “originalism” at all levels of government. Do you know what that means and do the candidates you support?


The framers were grounded in morality and religion in the Judeo-Christian tradition. They recognized its direct connection to Liberty. They believed in national sovereignty. They funded the government with tariffs and imposts (that is in the U.S. Constitution) and did not believe in plundering people’s property, land and income. They believed that government should not own land outside of the 10 square miles of Washington DC with the exception of land for arsenals, magazines and forts for security. Federal powers were limited and if not enumerated in that short and simple document, they were granted to the states. READ THE CONSTITUTION!

Garrett Smith, an attorney that hosts our radio show The Liberty Lineup, told us this week that while in law school, they were never asked to read the Constitution. The Con Law course was only about case law. This is what is going wrong in our law schools, our government and Courts!

Thank you for taking on the responsibility to make sure we elect good and wise people because Liberty is under attack on every front.

Go to, or FB or for more information…and…

Listen to the Liberty Lineup Radio Show. We’re the thought police-free zone where independent thought just can’t be bought. KTKK radio, AM 630, M-F, 10-Noon Mountain Time or online or download app – k talk. #Stand4Truth. Call in 801-254-5855. Join our #LibertyRising movement and support our show LIKE us and SHARE!

Cherilyn for Natl Delegate flyer

Tweet Share on Tumblr Hello Great GOP Utah State Delegates! A couple of points I’d like to bring to your attention. If you need the list of candidates and how to reach them, you can get it here. Being a national delegate is not just about who you support for president. The platform is as […]

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Requiem for the U.S. Constitution

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For those who praise and support the U.S. Constitution and its Framers’ original intent:  The Revolution has passed.  You missed it.  The Constitution is not hanging by a thread.  It is severed.  It is dead.

It died with Justice Antonin Scalia, much to the delight of those who danced on his grave.

It was a great document.  It began with a declaration.  “We hold these truths to be self-evident…”  And “a long train of abuses and usurpations.”

It started with an “article”  Article I.  Limited government.  Among its list of “hands off” is NO FEDERAL LAND outside of the 10 mile square area that defined Washington DC.  Only allowed were forts, arsenals, magazines and other such buildings for defense purposes.  CHECK.

It identified acceptable means of securing revenue.  Tariffs.  Imposts.  Duties.  Its authors abhorred taxation of income and property.  CHECK.

It continued with Article II.  Bicameral Government.  Dividing the interests that elect the executive, senate and house so that there were checks and balances.  The original electoral college.  (What’s that???)  CHECK.

Then followed Article III.  How Congress can restrict jurisdiction of the Courts.   Another check and balance.  CHECK.

And may I mention Article IV?  States were once guaranteed a republican form of government, protecting them from enemies foreign and domestic.  (But YOU thought it was a DEMOCRACY!)  CHECK.

Then along came the Bill of Rights.  The Second Amendment to protect the First.  The First is gone.  (You missed that one? Look at 2013-2014 and the domino effect that destroyed individual religious liberty.)

Henderson Detention Facility Visit
Yesterday, I entered the Henderson Detention Facility in Nevada and with my media credential requested to see Cliven and Davey Bundy and radio talk show host Pete Santilli, all being held without bail. I was told they were “contract” inmates, under the U.S. Marshall. Although they were kind and helpful, the Public Information Officer told me that she would be happy to connect me with that federal agency, but that it is highly unlikely that I would get any interview. So much for my credential which expressly states that I have a First Amendment right – in ALL circumstances – to access an interview, if the person accepts.

I requested a personal conversation instead and received a phone call from the jail later that evening from Pete. The reception along I-15 was not good, and he said he would call me tomorrow. He has no idea when he will call, nor do I. They don’t tell him in advance when he will be allowed to call. So I am at best “on call” for my – and his – First Amendment right. Guilty until proven innocent?

The Second Amendment is on its way out.  Obama’s many staged mass murders and WACO-like FBI raids Academy Award-winning productions in the fiction category, as well as attacks on conservative 501 c 4 groups, are evidence of his unconstitutional rampage.

My friend from the USSR, now an American citizen, has warned that the hallmark of Communism was a massive, unelected bureaucracy that got its hands into everyone’s personal lives through a centralized school system that combined public and private interests. She says “The only thing that makes the US different, is the First and Second Amendments. If those ever go – and if Americans ever let the government take their guns, you will be the USSR.” CHECK.

The 9th and 10th are ignored by Congress and the States have not the will nor the courage to tell Washington to take that “flying leap.” They are too drunk on the wine of federal subsidy.

Then came the systematic perversion of the framers’ original intent.

The 12th Amendment annihilated the original Electoral College that kept the INTERESTS in check, instead making it a kangaroo Electoral College where party-elected representatives show up to sign the certification of the election, even though they know it was invalid due to massive voter fraud.  (Next comes the national popular vote to ensure a democracy replaces the republic.)  CHECK.

The 16th Amendment offended the very intent of the framers by handing to Congress its unlimited paycheck – your income.  They would roll over in their graves as socialist democracy continued to invade the space.  CHECK.

The 17th Amendment next mutilated the republic and replaced it with democracy by turning over the original limited interests to the masses.  Score another brownie point for socialism.  CHECK.

Now, under the “Patriot Act” and the massive Department of Homeland Security, our elected officials obsessed with defeating a demon they created out of their own stupidity (or was it deliberate?) to make the nation safe at the expense of Liberty, those very guns have turned on the people, as we predicted.  One harmless but powerful patriot leader standing up for the U.S. Constitution shot and killed in an ambush in Oregon.  Twenty-seven brave patriots standing together with him for this U.S. Constitution, and may I emphasize, on SOLID constitutional ground, are now in JAIL or in PRISON.

Who is standing up for them?  Anyone in the U.S. Senate?  Congress?  Nope.  Not ONE.  Not even Msr. Constitution themselves – Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.  Not anyone in Congress that has received personal appeals – which I delivered – letters from the incarcerated, who have been suffering through the barbaric practice, according to an opinion rendered by Justice Anthony Kennedy in 2015.

They care only about their re-election and their self interest.  Sounds harsh, I know.  But I DO KNOW.  I have personally delivered a letter from Davey Bundy to his elected officials – Congressman Chris Stewart and Senator Mike Lee.  Two man who stepped forward waving their pocket Constitutions, with Glenn Beck endorsements (you can fool me once…but TWICE?)

No doubt Mike was taught the Constitution by his father who helped Dallin Oaks develop the BYU Law School (accredited by the ABA, that executes the ACLU’s curriculum).  It’s not the Constitution I know.  Garrett Smith, one of my talk show hosts on The Liberty Lineup confirmed that in his law school, even in the Con Law course, THEY NEVER ONCE READ THE CONSTITUTION.  It was all about Case law.  Stare decisis.

So, like great-great grandma’s favorite recipe, it has been changed up with each new generation until it just doesn’t taste like her original any more.

Mike Lee may be standing on some issues more strongly that others in the past, but that, my friends is all relative to how dramatically the Constitution has been neglected in that past.  If he is so very “constitutional,” why then did he abandon the last vestige of an election process that even remotely resembles the framers’ intent when he led out amongst the Utah elected officials to go with an unconstitutional democratic process which only further damaged the republican form of government?  Why did he command an “Official Cruz slate” which the overwhelming majority of new delegates voted straight up and down, putting KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT on that slate?


While good men sit in jail with their First, Second, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Amendment Constitutional rights grossly violated, their wives and children suffering unable to sleep at night, how can THESE BARBARIANS themselves sleep at night?

Even the think tanks that profess to be “constitutional” or supporting the Constitution have abandoned this document.  Now Sutherland Institute in Utah has selected a new executive director – Boyd Matheson, who came from the Mike Lee team and who I have texted numerous times about helping us hold these Courts and their inhumane practices accountable.  NO RESPONSE.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  It’s not only Mike Lee and Chris Stewart that stand by professing not to be able to do anything.

And so, farewell, U.S. Constitution. May you rest in peace. My condolences to all the statesmen that once respected it. It is dead. Its only remaining defenders give only lip service, which is as good as silence.

Yes, are you surprised the revolution has passed?  If so, you have not been watching or participating. Only those who are on the front lines notice it, because THEY are the ones getting burned when they stand up for it. They are the ones censured when they dare to say, “But it reads HERE in the Constitution….”  And they either get mocked, silenced or they land in jail.

Meanwhile, the rest of America wakes up, goes to work, drops their children off to school where they pledge allegiance to democracy and have no clue about the history of the dead republic and its once respected rule of law.  They all come home and turn on The Voice or some other “reality” show, or watch the Mind Control Media news that blacks out what’s really happening at a wildlife refuge, and they know either what they hear or …nothing at all.

It reminds me of the night the Nazis crossed the Austrian border.  Folks were still attending the opera that night.  They had NO clue.  The Mind Control Media of the day didn’t want THEM to know either.

And so history repeats and those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it. Our Liberty will not be secured in Washington DC.  Our elected officials have let us down on both sides of the aisle.  They have proven they will not fix it. Over and over. When a Jason Chaffetz, a Mia Love, a Rob Bishop or a Chris Stewart from supposedly “conservative” Utah ALL vote for a multi-trillion omnibus bill that funds ObamaCare, you know you are in big trouble. (Kudos to Mike Lee on THAT one.)

We have no majority of statesmen who can be trusted to resuscitate this document in any sort of convention. Don’t go there. They will ensure it will be further perverted for their gains and they will continue to disregard any rule of law as they now do.

We have allowed evil and self-interested men and women get the power. We have wanted a “king.” We have implemented what they did not want – a democracy – because they knew that democracies do not live long and they have volatile endings. This will not have a good ending. The founders knew that. As the momentum continues down this destructive path and leads to the inevitable insurrection, it is up to you and me.

We the People are the only hope for Liberty to once again rise. We cannot allow mob rule, as democracy always becomes. Watch this, if you haven’t already seen it.

I asked the guards at the Henderson Detention Facility to treat the inmates humanely, that Justice Kennedy had issued an opinion on solitary confinement. I let them know I had asked Thara Finicum Tenney to create a video about it and I directed him to view it.

He said, “Yes, our phones have been exploding.” When I emphasized, “These are good men,” he sincerely replied, “No doubt they are,” and explained that because it is such a high-profile case, that if the guards make one mistake, they will lose their jobs.

Good. The People are exercising their power and THAT is working. That is the ONLY thing that works.

As the U.S. Constitution has gone down in ashes, let us rise up as a Phoenix and resurrect the principles upon which this nation was once founded. We will need to piece them back together.

Do you know what they were? What will you do when democracy comes crashing down on this collision course accelerates?

Let’s start with our right to bear arms, a fundamental right we are fast losing. Let’s start in our Counties, with our Sheriffs. Let’s gather around the constitutional sheriffs, and find out which ones must be replaced. Congress cannot provide safety, but We the People can and WILL.

Join with us to hear Larry Pratt of Gunowners of America Friday, May 6, 2016, 7 PM.  Two locations – Orem and Salt Lake City. Find out what we can and must do together. Liberty can, will, and MUST prevail.  #LibertyRising  #LibertyLineup

Eventbrite - Highland Meeting SLC

Eventbrite - Highland Meeting Orem

We need your help to support this cause of Liberty. Please sign up to get our updates and alerts and make a generous donation.

Larry Pratt, Gunowners of America

Tweet Share on Tumblr For those who praise and support the U.S. Constitution and its Framers’ original intent:  The Revolution has passed.  You missed it.  The Constitution is not hanging by a thread.  It is severed.  It is dead. It died with Justice Antonin Scalia, much to the delight of those who danced on his […]

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Harry Reid Saves Joshua Tree and Praises Inhumane Treatment of Human Beings

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You will find this difficult to watch and justify why this man is still sitting in a Senate chamber instead of a jail cell himself.  He is a criminal.  Watch this video.  It will shock your conscience as he describes the horrible abuses to the Joshua Tree while he gloats about how the Bundy boys and their “pals” are in jail, so that he can now grab their land and restrict it for his OWN gain.

Now watch this courageous woman who shoots back at Senator Reid. She’s Carol Bundy, Cliven’s wife and mother of four sons sitting in prison because of HIM and the Clinton Foundation, whose land grab in Oregon will bring them huge profits in the mining industry with a Russian corporation.

Now listen to Ammon Bundy from his jail cell describing what Senator Reid has done to him and his family, all for the Joshua Tree and his Chinese deal for solar energy:

Finally, listen to LaVoy Finicum’s daughter Thara Tenney as she describes what Justice Anthony Kennedy has described as an inhumane practice whose time has come to end.

Now, if you are NOT weeping, I ask you, who are you? But if you ARE, what will you do about this situation? Will you sit silently by and allow this unconstitutional, inhumane treatment continue? Will you rise up and take action?

Join us on May 6, 2016 as we come together to hear Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gunowners of America as he tells us what is about to happen to our Second Amendment rights if Hillary Clinton becomes President of the United States.

We must protect our families and we have a plan!


Eventbrite - Highland Meeting SLC


Eventbrite - Highland Meeting Orem

Sign the petition to FREE OUR PATRIOTS now.  Thank you and …

God bless you,
Cherilyn Eagar

Tweet Share on Tumblr You will find this difficult to watch and justify why this man is still sitting in a Senate chamber instead of a jail cell himself.  He is a criminal.  Watch this video.  It will shock your conscience as he describes the horrible abuses to the Joshua Tree while he gloats about […]

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Candidate Stings – The Gay Pride Parade, Overstock and Paul Mero

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In 2010, a mysterious “temple” mailer was received shortly before the convention.  It appeared to be a mailer from the Mike Lee campaign, depicting him in front of the Salt Lake Temple and appealing to voters based on his religion.  It backfired.  The campaign was vigilant and researched the source:  Tim Stewart (Congressman Chris Stewart’s brother), who had worked for Senator Bob Bennett and is now the managing partner for his Washington DC Lobbyist firm.  He received a slap on the hand of a about $1400 in fines.

Every election, consultants get the compulsion to do whatever it takes to win because their next job hinges upon it.  At times politics tends to bring out the most evil in an otherwise very good person.  This typically plays out in the final days of a campaign when tensions are high.  The bombshell will drop and the targeted campaign goes into override to respond.

In general, if you receive a damaging piece of literature about a candidate right before or at the convention, it may not have a proper disclaimer on it. It might say something highly sensational. Be careful. It is most likely a bogus piece of literature intended to frame another candidate.

What do you do?

  1. Report it and ignore it or…
  2. Talk to the candidate directly and don’t listen to hearsay. Here’s an example – the rumors going around this week about a gubernatorial candidate.

You may be hearing about or have received an email and a mailed letter from the former Executive Director of Sutherland Institute, Paul Mero.  His message is that gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Johnson’s company supported the gay rights parade and that he is really a liberal in disguise.  Frankly, Paul is not the one to talk about this. He called all of us “nativists” and “racists” for defending our borders and opposing his amnesty bill that got its hearing with the Obama Administration. It morphed into the President’s executive order.

Here are the facts that Mr. Mero did not explain correctly, after having trying to kill our project in the first place that he is now using.

Two years ago, two film maker friends Jeff Chamberlain, Robert Starling and I went to the gay pride festival and parade to film footage of it.  We asked other pro-family organizations that advocate at the capitol to help with this project that we would use to show people the pornographic images and actions taking place along the route and at the event.

Only two organizations got involved – both anti-pornography groups.  The others, encouraged by Sutherland Institute and Paul Mero, did not want to participate.  In fact, I received a text telling me that if we did such a thing, we would be setting the movement back a decade.

We went forward with it in spite of the criticism, and it had a significant impact on cutting back on the lewdness of the event the next year.

Yes, we did expose the fact that ZIONS BANK was in the parade. And OVERSTOCK was as well.

We met with ZIONS Bank and they were so upset they threatened to sue me. My attorney assured me I had done nothing that warranted a lawsuit.

Here is the video – just click on it and it will play in Vimeo.  WARNING – OFFENSIVE MATERIAL.

The Rest of the Story About Overstock

As for Overstock, yes, I was deeply concerned.  And so our radio editorial board invited Jonathan Johnson to meet with us and we asked him directly.  He explained that Overstock is a publicly traded company with a board of directors and shareholders.  It was not his decision to make.  It was Patrick Bryne’s decision.  Jonathan was troubled and met with his family to decide whether he should stay with the company or leave.

He stayed.

In today’s business environment, the larger corporations are presented with a 53-page survey to determine if they are LGBT-friendly.  If they don’t fill it out, they will be blacklisted.  If they do, and if the answers are not reported to the Human Rights’ Campaign’s liking, they will be censured.  If he left, where would Jonathan go to make a lateral move in this environment?

Get a glimpse of this massive survey right here.

The presence of Overstock in the gay pride parade raised a lot of questions about who Jonathan Johnson was in my own mind.


But after getting the facts, it is not a truthful statement to say that Jonathan Johnson supports gay marriage or gay rights.

There are few that worked as hard as I to protect Utah’s Marriage law.  It was a decade-long challenge.  I understand Jonathan’s position.

I don’t agree with everything that Jonathan stands for, just as I don’t agree with all that Gary Herbert stands for.

We need a governor that will not simply sit back and say, as Governor Herbert did: “Well, it’s the law now.”

We need leaders that will take the initiative to just say “no” to the key issues, and stand up to the unconstitutional federal courts and regulations coming at us from Washington DC.

So the message for the convention Saturday is this:  STAY CALM.  If in doubt, don’t listen to the person sitting next to you.  Go find the candidate and ask directly.

And if you see Paul Mero, ask HIM to do the same.

Tweet Share on Tumblr In 2010, a mysterious “temple” mailer was received shortly before the convention.  It appeared to be a mailer from the Mike Lee campaign, depicting him in front of the Salt Lake Temple and appealing to voters based on his religion.  It backfired.  The campaign was vigilant and researched the source:  Tim […]

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Who’s Who on the Utah GOP Establishment Ballot

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On Saturday, April 23, 2016 Utah State Delegates will assemble and make decisions on multi-county state legislative races as well as to elect the Republican nominee for Governor, Treasurer, federal races and to elect by acclamation others unopposed.

Foremost on everyone’s mind is who will be the national delegates that will represent Utah in Cleveland at the national convention in July to nominate the candidate for President.

This campaign season has drawn attention to the problem of the “Establishment” and its influence in the selection process.  In an attempt to education national delegates and citizens who are wondering what happens and what they can do, Phyllis Schlafly wrote a book that vividly describes how King making works at these conventions.  In A Choice Not An Echo, she reviews the history of these back room deals.  It is MUST reading!

So does Utah have an establishment?  And what does it mean?  Great questions!  The Establishment has been around a long time.  Here’s what Thomas Jefferson said:

I join in your reprobation of our merchants, priests and lawyers for their adherence to England & monarchy in preference to their own country and it’s constitution. but merchants have no country. the mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains. in every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. he is always in alliance with the Despot abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own. it is easier to acquire wealth and power by this combination than by deserving them: and to effect this they have perverted the purest religion ever preached to man, into mystery & jargon unintelligible to all mankind & therefore the safer engine for their purposes. with the lawyers it is a new thing. they have in the mother country been generally the firmest supporters of the free principles of their constitution. but there too they have changed. 

Some things never change.  Delegates have been asking me who the Establishment is in Utah.  I wrote a post in 2015 and identified them. They are the same group that has funded and has tried to destroy Utah’s caucus system.

The very discussion about the RNC rules and how the Romney team stipulated that you had to have eight states (in order to keep Ron Paul out), now those rules don’t fit their plans to bring in a third candidate, dark horse.

Now they are trying to say, “Well, that doesn’t mean you have to get those eight state prior to the convention, you just have to get it AT the convention?”

I don’t care WHO you support.  This is what the Establishment does.  This is a deception.  I have been in this party for a long time.  My mission has always been to expose who these elites are.  And so here it is:

[Disclaimer:  I know and have worked with a few of these people.  They each have value and are good people and have strengths I admire.  But we must put that aside when it comes to policy setting, votes that will be cast and legislative representation.]


These are the donors that have sought to destroy our republican form of government.  Please read this blog post because I list the names and how much they have donated.  You may be shocked.  Some of them are running for national delegate.  If you see any of these names DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM.  Included on this DNV (Do Not Vote) list are these names and their family members:

  • Rich MeKeown
  • Mike Leavitt
  • Kirk Jowers
  • LaVarr Webb
  • Orrin Hatch
  • Thomas Wright
  • Ann Wright Lampropoulos


DNV – Do not vote for the following candidates because they are receiving PAC donations from the CMV PAC through Mike Leavitt, Rich McKeown (Leavitt Group), Gail Miller.  Here is the screen shot:

CMV Candidates


CMV is concerned that Weiler’s challenger, Heather Gardner, will be elected because she has run an effective campaign to support the caucus.  Senator Weiler was censured in a State Central Committee for lying about the facts of the lawsuit in a series of Tweets.

Here are some screen shots of his distasteful Tweets to me, mocking me for raising funds for Marriage between a man and a woman as he helped LGBT constituents to undermine that institution.  It was not easy raising enough money to file the amicus briefs in the 4th, 10th Circuits and at the U.S. Supreme Court.

I also also discovered that he and Ken Ivory deliberately tried to stop the nullification of the ACA (ObamaCare) by watering it down to a Prohibition of Medicaid Expansion.  Then Senator Weiler tried to unsuccessfully undermine that substitute bill.

Weiler - Marriage 4

Weiler-Marriage 2

Weiler-Marriage 2


He was the sponsor of the CMV bill – SB 54, falsely called a “compromise.”  It was no compromise.  It was CMV.  See my post.


Senator Shiozawa is an example of a very kind man (a church leader) that got elected while no one was looking.  His score is worse than his Democratic colleagues.


Here is the list of State Senators that supported SB 54, which is the same as CMV and the original proposal that DC lobbyists (including Kirk Jowers) who have supported the Democratic National Committee and who set up and managed Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC to mock Republican candidates

Here is the list of the State Representatives that supported SB 54.


This is your DNV (Do Not Vote) list for State Legislators that are accepting funds from the CMV elite (this is a SCREEN SHOT!)

CMV Candidates

Todd Weiler was censured during a recent State Central Committee for Tweeting false information about the lawsuit, which damaged the case.  He has a history on Twitter that has shown me he is not for Marriage between a man or a woman and is only a small portion of the abusive and mocking tweets he has sent out about me during a very difficult year of raising $100,000 to defend Marriage in the Courts.

Here is proof:


At approximately 4:55 PM on the filing deadline day for National Committeeman and woman, two establishment candidates filed. Those of us who are involved in the Party were told that the current Committeeman and woman, Bruce Hough and Enid Mickelson, were running again.  In fact, even Party leadership were told just recently that they were not stepping down.

Without announcement, they both decided not to run and suddenly Thomas Wright and Ann Marie Lampropoulos,  brother and sister (wife of Fred Lampropoulos of Merit Medical) stepped forward.

Because the Wrights (which would be a question of nepotism in the first place) are running unopposed, the party rules stipulate that they will be elected by acclamation.  Why is this of any concern?

If you review my previous post about the Establishment and CMV=SB 54, you will notice that Merit Medical (the Lampropoulos’ company) donated $25,000 to destroy the caucus and to oppose the party’s position on the law suit – that CMV and SB 54 are unconstitutional.

The Party is in the Court on this matter.  It is a serious issue of a First Amendment right to freely assemble and to define membership, rather than open it up to unaffiliated and render the caucus and convention a mere endorsement with little reason for any candidate to go through the process and be motivated to get to know us, the grassroots.

It is plausible to believe that there was coordination between the two candidates and the current Committeeman/woman.

I know from a previous poll I took of Republicans that Fred Lampropoulos, candidate Ann Marie’s husband, favors a fully OPEN PRIMARY.  I also know that Enid Mickelson favors the 80% threshold, which would render the convention purposeless.

The RNC is Establishment-controlled.  All the in-fighting going on over rules is a great concern.  Both Bruce and Enid supported the rule change that created a favorable situation for Mitt Romney to control the delegates.  Now, that same group is trying to manipulate the rule Romney wanted to keep the Ron Paul delegates out, by saying “Oh the candidate doesn’t need to carry 8 states into the convention.  They can do that DURING the convention.”  Seriously?  Then WHY do we need all these Primaries?  Why not just show up at the convention and influence the delegates there?

To have two people succeed these two new candidates that are the heirs apparent to the current Establishment Committeeman/woman that have actively worked, with their money and in the case of Thomas Wright, who fully supported SB 54, is objectionable.

Not only do the members of the RNC help raise money for the Party, they also set the rules for the national convention and they have a lot of power to manipulate those rules and who becomes the next president.

We don’t need any more games played at the RNC, which is Establishment-controlled.  

This matter will be handled in a follow-up State Central Committee meeting to resolve.

[Ultimately, this problem is happening because we have allowed people to be elected that have departed from the U.S. Constitution and have perverted it with some amendments that have altered its original intent, which is why I am running for Presidential Elector.  Read more about this topic in this post.]

Although the Establishment is gathered around Ted Cruz right now, remember where they started:  JEB BUSH.  Then MARCO RUBIO. Then KASICH.  They will pull out all stops to get their Establishment goal and their elitist pick.  That candidate profile does not respect the U.S. Constitution, states rights, and our borders.  It does not regard the moral issues as winning and seeks to silence them.  The Establishment, as in Thomas Jefferson’s words, has been selling out this nation to global interests for decades.  We must return to the principles of the U.S. Constitution.


I have consistently stated that ALL the candidates have Establishment consultants and figures seeded in their campaigns.  For this, I’ve been on everyone’s most-disliked list.  But I’m not here to be popular.  I’m here to tell the truth on my radio show The Liberty Lineup on AM 630 KTKK 10-Noon Mountain time daily and also online or by smart phone app k talk radio.

So when the Utah Official Cruz slate came out, there they were.  In fact, so alarming was it that two other slates emerged – a Leadership Slate and a Non-Establishment slate.  The first is the Cruz campaign team.  The second is not only members of the campaign team, but the grassroots that have worked hard to preserve the caucus and who also want to protect the platform – another role of a national delegate.

The Official Cruz slate Establishment include:

  • Spencer Stokes
  • Spencer Cox
  • Gary Herbert
  • Jeanette Herbert
  • Casey Voeks
  • David Clark
  • Wayne Niederhauser
  • Richard Snelgrove
  • Marco Diaz
  • Clair Ellis

It’s not a good idea to send people who will be “double-dipping” in their power.  National Delegates should be grassroots and not elected officials.  I will make ONE exception, and that is Mike Lee because, full disclosure, I do support Ted Cruz and without Mike’s endorsement, Ted would not be in the U.S. Senate.  I don’t agree with all their votes, but they are the best we have in DC.  So here are the elected officials that should step aside and allow grassroots to be elected as national delegates:

  • Family members of elected officials
  • Mia Love
  • Rob Bishop
  • Bill Lee

Here is the Non-Establishment slate.  I’m so honored to have been invited to join this great group of Americans!

Front - TrusTED flyer v 4Back - TrusTED flyer v 4Cherilyn for Natl Delegate flyer


Tweet Share on Tumblr On Saturday, April 23, 2016 Utah State Delegates will assemble and make decisions on multi-county state legislative races as well as to elect the Republican nominee for Governor, Treasurer, federal races and to elect by acclamation others unopposed. Foremost on everyone’s mind is who will be the national delegates that will […]

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What Has Become of the Electoral College?

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I’m running for National Delegate (Ted Cruz) #940 and Presidential Elector #516.

Several state delegates have asked me why I am running for Presidential Elector. One delegate raised the pressing question “why does it matter?” and wouldn’t the duties be merely “ceremonial” because electors are bound to vote for the presidential candidate who gets the majority of the popular vote – or the elector is replaced?”

I’ve studied the Electoral College, the history of the development of the 12th Amendment, the current version of “electoral college” and the campaign to eliminate the Electoral College altogether and create simply a National Popular Vote.

I’d like to thank my friends Gary and Carolyn Alder for publishing a small booklet that explains in detail The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College.

Here is a brief summary. I urge you to get a copy of their book, Here is the website.

The destruction of the original electoral college and how the president was elected, has encouraged the destruction of the republic. Coupled with the addition of the 17th Amendment, which changed how the US Senate was elected, the United States is today a democratic republic (leaning democracy) rather than the representative republic which was originally intended.

The framers took great care to ensure that no branch of government would overpower the other and that the states – large and small – would have fair representation.

The quarrels we are witnessing between presidential candidates and their consultants strategically seeking to damage the opponent is magnified by these perversions. The 12th Amendment destroyed the electoral college and is responsible for the national delegate system we have today. While it’s stated intent was to give more citizens a vote (democracy) it actually removed accountability from the people and created a monster – the lobbyist culture that has bankrupt this nation with an out-of-control and ever-growing, unelected bureaucracy.

Let’s examine the original electoral college as a first step to understand what it is today. The Framers of the US Constitution created a complex representative republic with vertical and horizontal checks and balances, reflected in the nominating, selecting and final voting procedure for each branch of government.


Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 stipulated that each state would designate a number of wise people named electors to nominate the best candidates for president. That number totaled the number of senators and representatives in Congress from each state. Qualifications precluded the members of the state’s federal delegation, elected officials and government employees.

It was left up to the states as to how the electors were appointed, either by the legislature or the people – or most commonly, a combination.

Today that would mean that Utah would have six electors, because Utah has two senators and four representatives. Because there are two candidates in a general election Utah would get 12 votes total. This formula is weighted to favor the smaller states.

The electoral college was created when the colonies were transitioning from equal representation in the Articles of Confederation to a bicameral congress, with one house represented by population and the other house maintaining the equal representation of the Articles of Confederation. This weighting does not disadvantage the more populous states, but it does elevate the influence of the less populous states.

In short, the selection of the best candidates for president was determined by a small number of people. To be an elector was a very important role.

The electors didn’t represent their states’ interests, but rather the nation’s interests. The five candidates that received the highest votes were sent to the House of Representatives if none received a majority of votes. Electors would cast two votes each for two candidates. So Utah, which has 6 federal seats would cast 12 votes.


Article II, Sec. 1, Clause 3 stipulates another qualification: At least one of the two candidates the electors voted for had to come from outside their state. They did not collaborate with other states, and they were not coerced to vote for the same candidate. These were nominating votes, not deciding votes.


The tally goes to the US House. The members then each get ONE vote for their state and whether choosing from among the top five or whether breaking a tie, the House makes the final decision. The person with the highest votes was elected President. The person with the highest votes after the President becomes Vice President.

It was expected there would be many candidates, but no political parties needed.

Today the Presidential Elector is a political pawn to serve the Party. The quest was no longer for quality, but for electability. We see this happening in this election cycle. The process diminished the role of elector to merely reflect the candidate the party selected. Because the parties had taken over, they did not like it when the President and Vice President were of two opposing parties. By then the parties did not like the idea of sending the candidates to the House for any reason – including breaking a tie.

So I’m running for Presidential Elector for two reasons: I want to experience being an Elector and I’d like to find ways to restore our Constitution … We are in a constitutional crisis. We need to WAKE UP, AMERICA!

There’s more, but for now this sums it up. If you’d like to read more, get a copy of the book!

Why You Should Vote for Me – for Elector (#516) AND National Delegate (#940)

So in response to the delegate question above, why delegates should consider voting for me for elector when it is merely “ceremonial:

Delegates should consider voting for me for both national delegate  #940 AND elector #516 because I understand what the real electoral college is supposed to be.  I understand how our election system has been turned upside down and perverted, forcing it to become a democracy instead of a republic.  

I have the same view of the Constitution that justice Scalia held: the Originalist view. We are far away from that original intent.

The founders created a constitutional republic. The constitution has been perverted to turn its election process into a democracy that has all but destroyed the checks and balances that they put into place.

Now progressives want to take what is left of the electoral college and turn it into a national popular vote, which would be the final nail in the coffin of the republic.  It would be a democracy that the founders despised because they knew history.

I would like to serve as an elector so that I can follow the rules that a corrupt political Establishment has put into place,  but also then to advocate from experience to restore the republic from what has been correctly described as now merely “ceremonial.”

I would then like to take that experience and broadcast it to help educate people to wake them up from the awful state in which we now find ourselves in this Constitutional crisis. 

I produce and host a daily talk radio show 10 hours a week called The Liberty Lineup.  It is a labor of love.  We are an all-volunteer team.  Its purpose is to stand for liberty and the principles of the Constitution and to expose those elected officials and unelected bureaucrats at federal, state and county levels who are violating the United States Constitution.

For this I am – we are – both loved and hated.

Our elected leaders in Utah for the most part are very uneducated about what the US Constitution means. They talk a lot about it and say they believe in the Constitution but their votes show that they really do not understand at all.  A starting point in making these changes would be to check out their voting records and ask them why they say they are Republican, but they vote with the Democrats.  

I’m looking forward to working with you to restore Liberty and the Constitution! 

Vote Cherilyn Eagar
Presidential Elector #516
National Delegate #940

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A Back to School Warning to Parents

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Looking for solutions? Here is a list of do’s and don’ts and especially some warnings. It comes from years of experience as a mother who tried every possible form of education to fit my individual children’s unique needs. Regardless of the state in which you live, the challenges are nationally driven and similar. Watch for your state’s local home school conferences. There’s one happening in Utah that locals will not want to miss – this weekend – even if you don’t home school. It’s amazing!

It’s that time of year again. It’s back to school. Many parents and children alike are excited about a new year, a new teacher, or perhaps even a new school. Many will be looking over the forms and policies, the class procedures and making decisions for their children during the first few days of school.


I remember that almost Christmas Eve-like anticipation as a child. I also remember it as a parent. New clothes, new friends. The world begins anew in August and September and centers around that school calendar until the next May or June.

After raising five children and after a few years into the public school system, it wasn’t such a rosy picture. After a few encounters and disappointments, I began to investigate. Something was wrong here.

My decades of research have brought me to a place where I can confidently say that public school is dangerous to both your and your child’s health. It needs to carry the same disclaimer as a cigarette pack.

That sounds dramatic, right?

charlotteHere’s the bottom line: The public school is a federal welfare program that has been failing for decades, and according my dear, long-time friend Charlotte Iserbyt, Reagan’s Senior Policy Advisor from the US Department of Education, it has been a deliberate act of negligence. She was the whistle blower. She is the source of much of what follows. We are all indebted to her.

You can follow her blogs here.

This outrageous assertion actually makes sense if you think about it, because if a socialist society is the goal of the education community (which it is), it needs a compliant, passive and dumbed down citizenry. And it must have its fingers in every pie, managing and controlling from the top down, making us believe it’s bottom up – through the community council and tracking from the bottom up.

Welcome to the New American School.

Charlotte found documents in her Department of Education files (of which I also have copies) of policies and programs at the federal level that were enacted to do just that – to dumb down. They first targeted the minorities in Chicago with a reading program that failed the majority of the students. Learning to read and to discipline the brain by memorization of facts and drilling of calculations, time against accuracy, was banned long ago and replaced with a new social agenda – today called “social justice.”

This was not a partisan decision in Congress. Both parties have worked together, astonishingly with Republicans leading the charge. Watch these two short videos, one from 1989 – a Republican Secretary of Education – a Republican, and one from the current Secretary of Education – a Democrat.

Listen briefly to both of them. Shock and awe here…

This is 1989, Lamar Alexander (today’s chairman of the Senate Education Committee!)

This is our current Sec. of Ed. Arne Duncan (a marxist):

Lamar Alexanders Community Ed Bill
Right now the community ed bill S 1787 is set to bring this model to every state, including Utah – under Lamar Alexander’s leadership in the US Senate. (Early Childhood Ed is key to all of it.)

But if you think this is all great stuff, you, my friend, even though you think you are a conservative Republican and you LOVE LOVE LOVE charter schools (government welfare subsidzied private schools without accountability to local taxpayers – loss of representative republican form of government) – are a marxist. A socialist. A communist at heart. (I warned you this content was hard core.)

As the government-funded school became more controlled from the top down (state or federal), more testing, accounting and tracking became necessary. But it was not the testing of academic (cognitive) learning. It was the testing of attitudes and values (affective), very subtly integrated into a multi-disciplinary curriculum in classrooms that functioned around affirmative action and reverse discrimination policies. That began under Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society – with the first national attitudes test, the NAEP.

Fast forward to the education agreements between the US and the USSR in the mid-1980s which clinched it – under Reagan, the US agreed to adopt the Soviet system. This is not a joke. One could legitimately say that the bureaucracy in DC is so huge, that Reagan completely delegated all policies to his cabinet, and perhaps he truly thought that the US-USSR education exchange would turn out that the US would be informing the USSR. Alas, the opposite happened.

Utah’s testing director Don Thomas even invited me to go to the USSR with him to observe how well it was done. I should have taken him up on his offer.

Using operant conditioning, another hallmark of soviet psychology to control the people and developed by B.F. Skinner, is now implemented through computer adaptive testing. Today’s classroom has become the propaganda tool for turning the student against the parochial views of their parents as well as training them to be good little communists all through tests that alter until the right answers are given. Attitudinal and valuse answers. Whose attitudes and values? That is the question.

In the 1990s, I attended teacher training in Utah’s Granite School District, where it all began under soviet-loving Don Thomas. I was taught that in the classroom, there are just too many Indian chiefs and not enough Indians. (And I naively thought I sent my children to school to become tomorrow’s leaders. Not so.) Cooperative, group learning. The group was IN. The individual was OUT. You must have that mentality in a socialist society. This is the school district where it all began.

The classroom under today’s title – “common core” – has become a manipulative cess pool of redistribution of the brain. We must lower the basketball standard so that all can shoot the basket. Standards drive the curriculum and the tests.

What does STEM have to do with it?

In the public school setting, the Judeo-Christian God is OUT and STEM is in.

It’s all about science, technology, engineering and math in a completely godless vacuum. All knowledge is scrutinized through the secular humanist microscope.

(“But my child’s teacher is Christian, or Mormon, etc.” you say. What difference does it make when that teacher is teaching a mandated secular humanist perspective? Good luck with that, after 13 years of prime time in that environment, and especially when the teacher becomes superior to YOUR credibility as parent.) Many of the good teachers are leaving this system, and I don’t blame them.

These are all highlights and hallmarks of a soviet education.

So Let’s Meet the Soviets
In 1970, I had the opportunity to visit with Soviet students at the Expo 70 World’s Fair in Osaka, Japan while touring with the Department of Defense. I asked if they believed in God. The response was chilling: “Yes – WE are god – it’s within, it’s our intellect, it’s science. If it cannot be scientifically proved, it is not so.”

The Soviets were geniuses at “STEM” before it was even called STEM. They tracked the student from the school to the workforce with a strong emphasis on these fields of study. STEM was first introduced as a package in 2011 at the UN. I was there in the negotiating rooms. Within two years, it was in Utah with every good Republican implementing it through legislative policy. The agenda behind STEM was overlaid with a socialist bias – whether gender equality or environmental activism, that was the goal of STEM.

Bless the PTA moms’ hearts, they adore it and don’t even know what they adore. What wonderful marxist cheerleaders they have become. You name it, like lemmings, they are on it and willing to follow off the cliff.

Utah and Soviet Workforce Training
In the early 1990s, School-to-Work programs began to be implemented. In Utah, the Republican legislature and the education committee along with the majority of the Utah Senate and House, has implemented the entire socialist-soviet workforce training program. No wonder – it began in Utah. Sadly, they would not recognize soviet education if they saw it. They all say they are “conservatives.” This is so frustrating as an informed researcher that observes the ineptness of the majority of legislators. But then, most were educated in the very socialist system they now support. How would we expect them to know the difference?

Although anti-communists were demonized during the post-world war years, today’s average American would not recognize communism or even socialism if it were right in front of them (which it is). The proof is that most Americans are now practicing socialists. In fact, most embrace the very policies that were the hallmark of the soviet system that controlled the workforce.

We have elected these uninformed, naive legislators who continue to build out the community education policies of the soviet union. They couple those programs with the other hallmark of soviet education – the contract school, which feature no elected boards and a polytechnic approach. So one school focused on math and science, another the arts, and so on.

My former soviet friends, Olympic athletes, were tracked from early childhood ed at age 3 into those athletic programs. School was 12 hours a day, six days a week. They were superior. No one could compete with them at the Olympics.

But is that what education is for? Workforce training and management?

But it all imploded. Because, as Margaret Thatcher once said, the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of others people’s money. The US is headed for an implosion, and I will do anything I can to prevent it from happening to my children and grandchildren.

It took 60 years of the Soviets silencing the churches and only allowing them to preach within the four walls of their sanctuaries, and completely banning religious speech from the school. They usurped the family’s central authority over the children (“your children do not belong to you – they belong to society” – the same mantra we hear from establishment educators running our schools) and implemented in loco parentis attitudes through education bureaucrats, before they realized they had given up liberty for security.

In the US, we now have soviet workforce training systems in place. Because Reagan loved Mormons (his lieutenant governor was John Harmer in California), he jumped at the opportunity to hire one to be his Secretary of Education – T.H Bell of Utah. What a mistake. Bell was a marxist (knowingly or unknowingly), and he is responsible for Utah becoming the pilot program for “outcome based education” the foundation of all socialist tracking and standards over which we now continue to fight.

The schools track everything today – cradle to grave, just as described in those videos. This is soviet education. The school has become the hub of the family and community, bringing all agencies together to monitor and “help” the parents. Remember Reagan’s quote: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” School officials may say they are here to help but they are actually mirroring the parent-monitoring and tattling system of the Soviet Union.

Do you really trust government to be on your side given the history of Utah’s DCFS? (Department of Child and Family Services – or similar agency in YOUR state) Are you aware of that aggressive track record of removing children from their parents at a high per capita rate compared to the rest of the nation?

Back To School Dangers – Giving Up Your Parental Rights – What to Avoid
When things don’t go well, parents often wake up and realize the rights they have given up. That happened to me years ago.

But every year when it’s Back to School, parents – especially the new ones – rush to sign their students up for their child’s SEP, SEOP, IEP or whatever student plan the counselor’s office offers.

Don’t sign on to any tracking education or occupational plan.

If they have a child with a learning disability, they rush to get that IEP or the use of federal funds under the Disability Act (IDEA).

Do not register your child in an IEP – the government will forever be tracking your student and all mental illness or disability or medications into that child’s government file. It’s none of government’s @#$% business. This is the mindset of the Chinese dossier.

Yet parents readily give social security numbers to their schools, and that is the tracking number for life. Remember, we are now a socialist nation – bringing health care and collaborative social service agencies to the hub – the public school.

Don’t share your child’s social security number with anyone except for income purposes.

Don’t allow your student to be tested with any state or federal assessment and sign an agreement that no data will be shared outside of the school.

We have discovered that the schools are tracking the personal identification thousands of criteria – attitudes and values included. Each student can be tracked and the government will know which ones need re-education if they don’t fit in. It is none of the government’s @#$% business.

Cradle to Grave Socialist Schools

Stop Early Childhood Ed in your state. And do NOT enroll your child in any early ed program.

They really do mean to track the babies from the hospitals, as Republican Lamar Alexander advocated in 1989 in that video. That’s why hospitals issue social security numbers the day the baby is born. And these government busy-bodies can’t wait to get that child into the socialist mindset as early as possible.

Now that ObamaCare is in place, the school will begin to build the health clinic and dispense health care directly from the school. The grants are in place through several sources, much of which is now in the ACA (ObamaCare). They will dispense comprehensive health care, without consent of parents (or with uninformed consent), including contraceptives and sex ed. And they will have your doctor’s support, because doctors have also been brainwashed in medical schools whose faculty has bought into socialized medicine decades ago.

And don’t get me going about the American Medical Association, complicit in all of this socialist management. They own and control the medial records and the CPT codes which reports are now under the control of the IRS.

It is for this purpose that I offer this back-to-school warning. You must hold on to your parental rights. Do not relinquish them.

In the early 1990s I helped craft and author and pass the nation’s first state level FERPA – Utah’s Family Education and Right to Privacy Act. It’s purpose was to maintain the privacy of the student with all the data exchange. Now today computer systems have made it a snap – a frightening one at that.

Who trusts government with their private information? No former soviet citizen that escaped that system. Only naive Americans would do that.

This tracking is the hallmark of a communist government system. It is here and it is now, and you are most likely embracing communism yourself as you read this and think I’m imagining dragons.

Yet a while back, in a local church congregation after the service was over, a special announcement was made that the county health department, in the name of public safety in case of disaster, wanted everyone to provide to them not just the names, addresses and phone numbers of the members of that congregation, but the entire health history, what meds were being taken and who the physician was, etc. A large plastic pill bottle was provided to put a copy of that form in the refrigerator, and the other copy went to the county health department.

Are you KIDDING me? Yet you would have been astonished at how many unknowing naive citizens rushed to the table at the back to get that form and fill it out. (I kept mine as evidence of the deception of the communist culture being built around us as we sit on our couches watching the Super Bowl.)


So here is my additional advice:

Back to School parents, do NOT allow your student’s school – if it gets ONE penny of federal or state funding – to administer to your student any state or federal assessment test you have not previewed or that is tied to common core or to the federal funding each state is receiving.

Watch out for Sage or the AIR tests. RED FLAGS both.

Opt Out. Opt Out. Opt Out. Here is the form.

Study and get together with your neighbors and inform them.

Don’t sign up for the PTA. Do organize a PTO. Get your neighbors and do it. Nothing works like competition. Oh. But that’s such a capitalist idea. (Trust me, the PTA will be very threatened.)

Listen to our radio programming on AM 630 Monday-Friday, 10-Noon mountain time. We will keep you updated.

Your student will bring home stacks of papers asking for your signature. Read them carefully. DO NOT CONSENT to anything that you are not sure of and know that your student and your family will be tracked unless you specifically request to opt out.

Sex ed is woven throughout the curriculum. Soon in Utah, because of the recent changes to the definition of marriage, the curriculum will begin reflecting the additional endorsement of a lifestyle that most parents do not want their children to be taught.

Opt Out of any family life, maturation or sex ed program. Opt out of any suicide or drug prevention program. Stay away. These are discussions for families in the privacy of their homes.

UFERPA Nosy Questions Brochure

Present this brochure to your student’s school along with the opt out form. (Sadly, too many of you reading this will say, “But I need to be on the good side of the school in order for my child to be the teacher’s favorite.” To this I ask, who’s the parent here and how much do you love your child and your child’s future of freedom? Stand for something! If YOU don’t, who WILL and, how will YOUR CHILD?)

Read your children’s text books and homework papers. A Leftist ideology is woven throughout. It’s often imperceptible. And if you don’t know the difference, start reading and learning.

That should not be surprising. If I were the devil, as Paul Harvey wrote way back in 1965:

“…I would encourage schools to refine young intellects, but neglect to discipline emotions — just let those run wild, until before you knew it, you’d have to have drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors at every schoolhouse door.

“Within a decade I’d have prisons overflowing, I’d have judges promoting pornography — soon I could evict God from the courthouse, then from the schoolhouse, and then from the houses of Congress. And in His own churches I would substitute psychology for religion, and deify science.”

Paul Harvey was prophetic.

Get your child OUT of government-funded schools while you can. Home school them. That’s a tough one to swallow. But it’s the best advice I can give at this point in my life. Find good online programs. If you don’t know how to assess what’s good and what’s not, connect with the parents that do.

In Utah the LDS Home School Conference is this weekend at South Towne Expo, August 21-22. If you are LDS (and even if you aren’t) and even if you don’t home school, get to this event!!! You will find unbelievable resources and network with other parents who are seeking solutions.

Charlotte Iserbyt used to tell me this way back in 1989 when my children were all in public school, and I admit I thought it was a bit on the fringe. I suspect, you may think the same of me as well. But now I have experienced what Charlotte tried to warn me about, and now I am warning you.

It is your choice to believe what you will of my strident message and unsolicited advice. (Where is my tin foil hat, right?)

However, if you value your own liberty, I challenge you to do the research and then to show where I’m mistaken. I have been tracking these details for decades now. I have thoroughly vetted the who’s who of education curriculum and testing development. I have not found one educator involved in public education who is NOT Leftist, socialist, marxist, or communist. They are all the same – it’s about control. Education has drifted from developing the tools that will allow the student to learn for themselves to class struggle and equality and treating everyone fairly. Those educators have stated so themselves. That IS the goal.

Even the ACT and SAT has been taken over by these marxist social engineers. I have a comprehensive presentation on these facts that are indisputable.

This great equality lie is driven from the top – UNESCO, the United Nations where these marxist NGOs gather to build policy. Then they come back around to Washington DC to buy the votes to get the legislation they need.

Watch your legislature. The majority are incompetent but well-meaning individuals who will pass more and more socialist laws over education and the workforce as each year goes by. Then they will run for office as a “conservative” because they could not identify socialism or communism if they saw it. They are not fit for the office they hold.

My final word of advice: Spread the word and vote them OUT.

Blessings to all the good parents out there who want the best education for their children. Be prayerful. Your children are YOUR stewardship, no one else’s.

End of rant.

Tweet Share on Tumblr Looking for solutions? Here is a list of do’s and don’ts and especially some warnings. It comes from years of experience as a mother who tried every possible form of education to fit my individual children’s unique needs. Regardless of the state in which you live, the challenges are nationally driven […]

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Why Every State Governor Should Defund Planned Parenthood

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The Susan B. Anthony List and its research arm, the Charlotte Lozier Institute have provided three documents shedding light on why defunding Planned Parenthood should be a no-brainer for state governors. We urge them all to consider this data and to follow the handful of states, including Utah, that are taking action to do so. We wish to thank David Prentice, MD for providing this information to us. These links were sent to every member of the Utah State Legislature today with a message urging them to take legislative action. I encourage you to share them with your state legislators as well.

The History of Fetal Tissue Research and Transplants

Utah: Comparison of Planned Parenthood and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

If Planned Parenthood Loses Government Funding, Here’s a Map of Health Clinics That Could Take Its Place

Three steps you can take today.

Please forward to you state legislators and ask them to pass legislation to defund Planned Parenthood.

Sign the petition for Utah legislators to defund Planned Parenthood.

Donate. Your contribution goes to providing this information and advocacy on key issues. Thank you in advance for your donation of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more. Three ways to donate:

Text “ALF” to 313131
Click on this link.
Mail your check payable to American Leadership Fund, 5202 Saddleback Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84117

God bless you!
Cherilyn Bacon Eagar

Tweet Share on Tumblr The Susan B. Anthony List and its research arm, the Charlotte Lozier Institute have provided three documents shedding light on why defunding Planned Parenthood should be a no-brainer for state governors. We urge them all to consider this data and to follow the handful of states, including Utah, that are taking […]

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Cherilyn Eagar Debates Planned Parenthood of Utah

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American Leadership Fund

Watch this Trib Talk Debate (Salt Lake Tribune) moderated by Jennifer Napier-Pierce between Cherilyn Eagar, President, American Leadership Fund and Karrie Galloway, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Utah.  My apology for the poor audio-visual and band width, but I hope the message is clear.

Please contact Governor Herbert today and thank him for being among a handful of governors to defund Planned Parenthood.  Ask him to support legislation to put his action into Utah law.  801-538-1000.

If you are in Utah join us at the Pro-Life Rally in the Utah Capitol Rotunda at Noon Wednesday, August 19, 2015.

We need your continued support.  Please consider a generous donation of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more.  Simply text “ALF” to 313131 or click here or mail a check to American Leadership Fund, 5202 Saddleback Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84117.




Tweet Share on Tumblr Watch this Trib Talk Debate (Salt Lake Tribune) moderated by Jennifer Napier-Pierce between Cherilyn Eagar, President, American Leadership Fund and Karrie Galloway, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Utah.  My apology for the poor audio-visual and band width, but I hope the message is clear. Please contact Governor Herbert today and thank him […]

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